Signum Workshop is now Live!

The time has finally come! A new 3D printed miniatures website has been finally launched and our entire catalog

with highly detailed models is now available in our Online store!

Ever since the pandemic began, 3D printed models have been gradually overtaking the miniatures market and nobody knows whether things will return to their normal state again soon. Technological progress has reached the point where the quality of 3D printed models is exceptional and practically indistinguishable from cast miniatures. Another problem is that miniatures that are sent out from outside the EU became harder to purchase online, owing to shipping services facing difficulties with increased restrictions implemented by governments all around the globe. The pandemic has placed international delivery services in a very difficult situation, which has affected online store customers all around the world, especially EU citizens.

Moreover, starting from summer 2021, the EU has tightened the rules of international shipping and customs taxes. To overcome these difficulties we have created Signum Workshop –  a team which serves as a department of the famous resin miniature manufacturers Signum Games, specifically for those of you who want to avoid long delivery times and annoying custom expenses. With the help of our partners from the UK – Shop3D, we can quickly print and ship the miniatures from within the EU, and the delivery itself will no longer take so much time! As soon as we receive your order, it’s directed to the Shop3D team who prints it, forward the items to thorough quality control, and then ship it to any location in accordance with our List of the available countries. The delivery is EU, UK, and US-friendly, which means you won’t be charged anything besides the purchase price you were given on Signum Workshop.

As all the models undergo careful cleaning, preparatory activities, and a really strict QC, you shouldn’t find any issues, defects, misprints, or missing items in your parcel. That said, we understand that anything can happen, so if you still find any issues with your order, please contact us, explain the problem you are facing, attach some pictures to visually demonstrate what has happened, and we will re-print all that needs to be fixed and send it within the next few days at our expense.

At the very beginning of the journey, there will be only PayPal as the available payment method, but after some time, we are going to add other methods for your convenience. Once you purchase at Signum Workshop, you are given your order number, and you have to wait a few days until the production is finished. Along with the models, you also get relevant plastic bases as a gift.

The catalog consists of various fantasy miniatures of different themes that are perfect for painting, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), and other Role-Playing Games (RPG). We can guarantee that the quality and the level of detail of the models will never let you down, and every miniature you collected on Signum Workshop will be the perfect choice whether it’s a part of your collection or a character in Board/RP games you play

So what are you waiting for? Check out our full catalog by clicking on the link and dive into a fascinating world of fantasy with some of the best models in the market! See you on the fantasy side!

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  1. Anorien says:

    Great news!

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