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A New Journey Begins!

Recently, we announced our long-awaited website launch. The time has come! Now apart from common filters, our catalog can be also filtered by Faction, Class, and Race parameters, where you can choose their “Legends of Signum” faction affiliation (Faction) or the most popular RPG classes and Races, whether it’s a Paladin or Rogue, Demon or Goblin, and so on. All this allows our customers to quickly find any type of miniatures they are searching for.

And now it’s time to introduce you to the wide range of our website catalog. The Signum Workshop catalog consists of different fantasy miniatures suitable for role-playing games, D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), board games, painters, and miniature collectors. So let’s take a look at the most interesting exhibits presented here.

If you’re looking for Undead, you can check out our Zombies like “Zombie Landsknecht” or “Zombie Crossbowman”, the Zombie Horseman “Eternal Hunt Rider”, Ancient Vampires such as “Lucian, the Thawed Blood” and “Orvid, the Eternal Thirst Knight”, and even Undead Wolfen “Undead Wolfen Ripper”. You can find the full collection in the Undead faction.

The army of Undead is indeed one of the most popular fantasy themes, but how about mages, voodoo shamans, Scottish knights, Scandinavian Valkyries, Nordic deer riders, genies, Vikings, and lots of various fantasy epic creatures? Yes, we have everything! The well-known skirmish board game “Legends of Signum” developed by Signum Games has brought tons of races and factions, and thanks to it, Signum Workshop will be adding more and more different creatures as new releases come up. At the very beginning of our journey, we already have 7 LoS (Legends of Signum) factions, among which there are: Clans of the Caledonia – a Scottish Kingdom led by a glorified King and his subjects, and also cunning witches and mysterious creatures;

The Free City of Vallor – the large trading city from the very first game set of LoS. Vallor unites a lot of different races under one banner and that’s one of the main reasons they are confronted by the Holy Grypharim Empire, the second faction of the first set, which consists of winged angel-like creatures called Grypharims and zealots, ready to fight to the death for their faith.

The Kush Tribes of the South – Native Tribes from the Southern lands, where shamans and savages who managed to tame wild animals hold sway. Be careful when venturing near their lands, for they wield secret powers and unheard of creatures fight by their side. Nobody knows how this came to be, but, you will find Gnoll Shamans and Lion Beastmen among their ranks, making them a deadly force.

The League Of Plague Doctors… Who hasn’t heard of these medieval heroes nowadays? But are they truly heroes? Many are convinced these so-called doctors are in fact the true villains, with pure evil hiding behind their masks, while others believe the Plague Doctors to be saviors. They are either helping fight disease or are spreading the pandemic themselves, and that’s what you have to find out. The current set consists of the Eastern division of the Plague Doctors designed in oriental style, which complements the Four Corner Warriors theme. There you can find Japanese samurai, Wolfen, thematic scenery, yak riders, and many more.

And last, but not least – Northern Warriors — Vikings and creatures from Scandinavian myths. The tales and stories we all know and love. Besides the famous Viking characters, you will find giant trolls, dangerous winged Valkyries, and mounted archers fighting in their faction. You absolutely must get acquainted with the full collection of this theme.

That’s a pretty wide collection so far, but as we mentioned earlier, this is only the start of our big journey. You will see more and more factions in the future and we will make sure that every faction will be special and fascinating. And don’t forget Legends of Signum where those fantasy models are part of their factions fighting against each other.
Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the form below if you have any questions.

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